Sunday, January 16, 2005

Google Is Your Friend

It is illuminating to google for pages containing both the words "Wonkette" and "Zonkette"

Some people have been confused by the two names.

GailOnline says:

The gossip columnist in blog form, Zonkette,

... UPDATE: ooops. I confused Zonkette with Wonkette whom I rarely read. So, having no knowledge of same, I should not have called Zonkette a gossip columnist.

Blogosphere News says:

Kosgate is No-Gate

I think it’s a bit early to start calling the controversy Wonkette’s been trying to rile up Kosgate, don’t you? And while we’re on the subject, can we just drop any nickname for a story that ends in “gate"? Honestly, it’s getting old people.

Can't Andrew Nichols tell the difference between "Wonkette" and "Zonkette"? They start with completely different letters of the alphabet for chrissakes!

Other people seem to understand the difference between someone who peddles fabrications and sleazy gossip and Ana Marie Cox.

Piled Higher and Deeper: Oh and Zonkette? What the hell is that? Wonkette without the anal sex?

Chicken Foot Stew: Zonkette, who presumably lifted her name from Wonkette,...

Rain Storm:
Then Zephyr Teachout, a former Dean campaign staffer who writes a blog called Zonkette (an obvious knock-off of the much more interesting blog Wonkette), convinced the Wall Street Journal that she had a hot story about bloggers who were paid by political campaigns, and it was hot because it dovetailed into the Armstrong Williams story rather nicely.
(emphasis added)

An "obvious knock-off" may be obvious to some, but, obviously, it's still a knock-off, on the same moral level as "Neki" or "Adadis" sneakers for sale in flea markets.


Blogger Travis said...

Okay, maybe I should have written "obvious rip-off," but I cater to an informed readership who knew exactly what I was saying.

January 16, 2005 at 3:20 PM  

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